One sushi and sashimi cookbook to rule them all

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I love seafood and also sushi, but as an fyi for those that are consuming fish on a somewhat regular basis understand that fish stocks around the world has been suffering from over fishing, global warming and pollution. On the pollution side: You are likely eating microplastics with your fish.

Nothing wrong with eating fish but just be mindful :slight_smile: Sorry if this is off topic. Delete if needed.


A fair point, for sure. There are a number of sea creatures I just don’t order anymore. But sushi isn’t limited in the toppings like sashimi is. As long as you’ve got your vinegared short grain rice you’ve got sushi. Creamed corn? Sushi. Tiny hot dogs with ketchup? Sushi. Avacado slices? Sushi. With the quality of sushi grade fish in the US what it is, I’m usually happier avoiding most of the typical toppings anyhow.


These days if i’m having sushi at all it usually is vegetarian sushi, which i can pick up at the grocery store near me for a decent price. But i have definitely been wanting to make my own sushi rolls at home, or at least i’ve wanted to make hand rolls and onigiri since those can be made without any special equipment like sushi rolls require (i dont have the rolling mat and i’m too lazy to get it)


My two yennies- get a plastic roll mold at daiso or Japanese grocery. You can get the bamboo mat while you’re there too, but the molds make it a lot more likely you’ll make the sushi rolls.


The Temaki sushi (aka hand roll) seems more suited towards my lazy man’s attitude of low effort food prep

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Effin’ bollocks! I don’t care what any cookbook says. Making sushi rolls well is no mean feat. I’ve given my best at making veggie rolls (as taught me by my Japanese mom), and only managed with varying success—unlike my mom, who always nailed it. And it’s even more than just the rolling. Seasoning the rice, prepping the filling (gotta make a sauce to simmer the carrots, shiitakes, and kampyo in. And add sake to that sauce or the flavor will be lame as fuck-all), Christ I could go on! The potential for lameness abounds!

I get the sense that all great Japanese craft is grounded in a solid introduction, clear vision of the subject, and endless trial and error until a certain level of mastery is achieved, upon which future success can be reliably built upon.

That vented, I gotta check out that book.

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