Dad bets grossed-out son $10 to eat one piece of sushi without making grossout faces


Huh. My toddler is at a stage where I can promise her anything at all in exchange for her eating another bite of food.

“Eat another piece of liver and daddy will do a dance.”

“If you eat that last piece of pasta, daddy will touch his nose.”

“If you eat another cucumber slice, daddy will eat a cucumber slice.”

“If you have one more piece of fish, you can have another piece of fish.”

Somehow, all of these work…


I hate to be a party-pooper, but with all the parents of young children who read this site, I have to say:

Be very careful if your young child puts an entire piece of maki (the ones that are rolled in a nori sheet and then cut into circles) in their mouth at one time. It is a learned skill to bite through the nori sufficiently while chewing with a full mouth, and I personally have witnessed at least a half-dozen times when the nori unwraps and gets part-way down the throat of a preschooler and ends up closing off the kid’s air supply. At that point, it’s flat and slick so the Heimlich technique isn’t always effective. Use a finger and sweep the back of the mouth instead.


The little dude and I have the same relationship to how sushi should be served: deep-fried with chips.


Nori and rice is an interesting beast, slick and sticky at the same time. I had a hand roll in my twenties that almost glued my mouth shut.


Decades ago I had a similar experience with my parents. I was willing to try sushi and they were gagging and disgusted by it. I was a young teen at the time. As an adult I’d take my parents to a sushi restaurant, and would have to explain to my father that, while there was nothing wrong with asking for a fork, it’s impolite to take the shrimp off the top and leave the rice.


(…do you have any HP sauce? :smiley: )

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At any age, the only thing giving me $10 might have achieved was keeping me from making my, “Yum, sushi” face.

Owning her brother, #LikeAGirl.


Two weeks’ allowance for a few seconds’ work? The kid’s a fool.


I suspect lil sister is in for beating later on…

Dear God, if my parents gave me access to sushi, I’d have bankrupted them.

I once witnessed a ten-year-old’s first sushi. The kid had no reservations at all; this is what the adults were eating, so this is what he wanted as well.

It was something wonderful to watch. Before his first piece of tuna sashimi, his mom said “you know the tuna we have at home? That’s not tuna; all the life has gone out of it. This is tuna.”

He took his first bite, and as his eyes went wide, he gobbled the rest. “That’s so gooooood! Why do we always cook our fish?”

A tough question to answer.


I have to agree with Sam. Plus you have to admire him for sticking to his principles and not selling out.

Girls beats Boy and a makes more! Good start!

That is amazing. And also why I have to limit myself to twice a year ($45 lunch, what!?)

The little sister is going to be more fun to take out on a date when she grows up. Good for her!


I will preface this comment by saying that I hate food snobs (I believe they like to be called ‘foodies’?) but if there’s one thing that differentiates good sushi from bad it’s the nori. If you buy anything made in Japan (dont be tricked by the packaging) you’ll likely have a way better end product. The Japanese stuff is typically much thinner than nori made anywhere else. It’s supposed to break apart effortlessly when crunched sideways.

The other thing that comes into play is that in Japan most of the time you’re eating sushi it’s the nigiri style. Sushi shops usually make maki as well but they’re made on the spot to order so the nori sheet is still dry and crispy.


You are a magnificent genius.


I used to live up the road from a 120 yen sushi place. Any plate, 120 yen (basically a buck twenty) and they had everything including whack shit that would made adults squirm like this kid.


Sea Urchin:

Octopus Sucker:


Is it just me or while urchin always looks amazing, it tastes ‘meh’? At least Salmon Roe Boats (heh :D) have a kick.

My all time favorite though is mackeral nigiri. And it is another ‘cheap fish’ (don’t tell hipsters!!)