Child gets first taste of wasabi

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That’s the same exact face Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes at every white house press briefing


So mean. Poor kid.


Cruel funny isn’t funny even when it’s funny.


Yeah, offering the kid wasabi is not OK. The kid should be able to trust that whatever you offer will be safe.


Christ, what an asshole!


It’s tough when the kid keeps asking for it and you’re saying no, but they want it anyway.

It would have at least been better of the parent to give a slight bit of it on some rice. to mellow it out.


“Wasabi” can definitely be painful sometimes, but at least it fades quickly.

On a related note, after hearing for ages about how the wasabi available in America is not “real wasabi” but a horseradish amalgam, we finally secured our own bottle of real wasabi powder, at substantial cost compared to the horseradish kind. Was it worth it? Not really. It was surprisingly “meh” and even offensively drab compared to what we were expecting (we had read in advance that it wasn’t as hot, but I was expecting a little punch). Anyway, we are back to the excitement of hollowing out our sinuses with horseradish on our tuna nights.


I, too, need everyone to know that I am offended by this child being subjected to a mild inconvenience. My heart hangs heavy with the wasabi of sadness.


Bah. It’s not battery acid, it’s wasabi. Lots of people (children included) like it. Kids need to try new things and learn about spice and bitterness. Never letting them try new things is how you get children who only eat chicken nuggets and cheese pizza.


Okay is it funny when you try to warn them but they ignore you? I still giggle at the memory of my kid going ‘juice, juice’ pointing at my shot of whisky. I told him ‘no not juice’ and he would reply ‘juice juice’ and finally reached up to try it. He found out it wasn’t juice and made the best face ever. And now at 16 he still doesn’t completely trust me when I ask him to try a drink.

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I didn’t find it funny, i can definitely see the perceived humor of it but i find it more cruel than anything. Parents basically egging a toddler on to try something that is going to cause them pain, i am not amused.


Yeah - uh - kids eating lemons can be funny, but I really can’t stand hot things, and wasabi can be super fucking hot. I wouldn’t give my kid it even if they begged. Really not cool in my book.

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From what i understand the fresher the better real wasabi is. Also why its so expensive is because it’s “apparently” very hard to grow, i sort of looked into it years ago but i’m not really sure how difficult it really is to get and if there are any growers of real wasabi outside of Japan. I’m sure i could look into it again but i’m feeling particularly lazy about it right now.


It is not funny.

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My son got a taste of something spicy at that age. Learned his lesson well. Up to the age of I think ten, he refused to even taste pepperoni because it has pepper in the name.


Spicy foods is best eaten at one’s own pace. I liked spicy foods as a kid, though nothing crazy but i do vividly recall eating some chinese food that was intensely spicy… so spicy i kept drinking water until i projectile vomited in the restaurant’s bathroom. It was awful, but it was an accident so i didn’t feel traumatized about it. I was able to keep eating foods with some spice over the years.


I just had fresh grated actual Wasabi this week on vacation. The chef told me that most of the “heat” from the Wasabi comes from the initial chemical reaction when grated, and only lasts about ten minutes. It is a very, very different flavour than our North American imitations - with a much more nuanced flavour. But definitely not “hotter”.