One Year, $80 Billion, Enough is Enough


I think it is a pretty mistaken assumption to think this is a bug and not an intended feature of copyright law, or ascribe the problem to a certain group of “trolls”. This is how the system was intended to work, and most of that $80b was not sucked up by the companies that make their sole living off of copyright suits. Even “innovator” companies such as Apple and Samsung are constantly at each other.

Corporate lobbyists never intended to help the small innovator or encourage more innovation, rather they intended to a) protect their vast ip collections and b) make money off of competitors innovations that require their intellectual property.

Intellectual Property has never been about protecting innovation, or individual creators. It is about stealing from the commons and locking up innovation for profit for the few at the expense of the many.

We desperately need major IP reform.


I am not convinced this group is after that at all. They may well be working to make it easier for corporations to steal patents from small business, and harder to sue. “Reform” is a two-edged sword, and needs to be examined critically before we rush off to sign petitions.


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