Report on startups versus patent trolls


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Can’t we just burn the whole thing and start from scratch?

It has a fundamental flaw that’s held in place by a fundamental flaw in our economic system.

If people were generally taken care of and rewarded in ways that favor intrinsic motivation, then they’d invent circles around everybody, and we’re decades past the point where we can take care of the world.

Inventors and creators shouldn’t have to WORRY about patents and litigation and such, and ideas should be free.

Thanks for the well-written post. What hasn’t been fully embraced is the harsh reality that large tech companies are gaming the US Legal system. The implications of manipulating the basic framework behind the USPTO, which are meant to protect consumers & intellectual property rights… is profound, especially when such deceptive practices stifle innovation, hurt the US economy & motivated by profit & little else.

Take my startup for instance, IIICTECH, publicly revealed a product named BLINK to the world ( ) only to find Google & Microsoft ready to stomp all over our intellectual property rights/priority use of the BLINK trademark.

The full story is appalling & still unfolding. Check it out ~

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