The inspiring story of how Cloudflare defeated a patent troll and broke the patent-trolling business-model

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My worry is of an unintended consequence of action like this will be for patent trolls to completely shift away from targeting companies with deep pockets for risk of blow-back such as this, and to exclusively focus on mom-and-pop-shops/startups.

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If they do, I hope one of those mom-and-pop-shops/startups is savvy enough to also take this course of action. Or at least make the problem known.

Maybe there should be a central way to crowd source these kinds of legal battles, thus where people ask for information rather then money? Sort off like one of those fund-my-project sites.


…as Noel Lee of Monster Inc., the audio cable manufacturer has been doing for decades. Monster took on Blue Jeans Cable and got their asses handed to them in 2008. It’s quite entertaining reading; the owner of BJC is an experienced attorney.


This is one of the best things I have read all week.

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