Online freedom of expression hits a ten-year low

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Should we just move this discussion over to the General Moderation Topic now, before it fills up with people whinging that their 1st Amendment rights were infringed when their ToS-violating comments were eaten, and aren’t the editors ashamed that BB doesn’t adhere to journalistic best practices?




We were all sold on the idea that the internet would make free and unfettered communication inevitable, but it turns out that routing the vast majority of communication through a relative handful of electronic channels makes it pretty handy for the surveillance state!


Twitter’s senior editorial executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa is an active officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a unit dedicated to online warfare and psychological operations.

Another social media giant partnering with the military-industrial complex is Facebook. The California-based company announced last year it was working closely with the neoconservative think tank, The Atlantic Council, which is largely funded by Saudi Arabia, Israel and weapons manufacturers to supposedly fight foreign “fake news.”

Meanwhile, the social media platform has been partnering with the U.S. and Israeli governments to silence Palestinian voices that show the reality of life under Israeli apartheid and occupation. The Israeli Justice Minister proudly revealed that Facebook complied with 95 percent of Israeli government requests to delete Palestinian pages.

As attempts to re-tighten the state and corporate grip over our means of communication increases, high-quality alternative media are being hit the hardest, as algorithm changes from the media monoliths have deranked, demoted, deleted and disincentivized outlets that question official narratives, leading to huge falls in traffic and revenue.

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I kind of find this ironic, because while complaining about this, people are also complaining that too many people still have platforms that they feel should not.

Figures. The eternal September has become more eternal and more Septembery every year.

In the meantime, I’ll post the ol’ obligatories:


You’re comparing apples and hand grenades

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I think I am illustrating the complexity of moderation, which can be compounded by whomever doing the moderation not having great policies to begin with.

Also begs the questions, if Nazis, for example, were no longer on the mainstream channels, would it make the other limitations acceptable? Why or why not?

Read through the core threats to digital freedom of expression again, and then compare that to not giving Nazis (or the “alt-left”, or Presbyterians, or John Kasich voters, or vegetarians) a platform.

Completely different issues.

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