Open source hardware autonomous tractor uses repurposed drone autopilot


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The “rise of the machines”, it’s a thing.


was this one build by Matthew McConaughey as well?


I was wondering how he caught the drone…


This is exactly the kind of thing to do that I mean when mentioning stripping down the locked-down electronics (or starting with dumb generic hardware) and replacing it with opensource rigs.

We have stuff for fuel injection, for autopilots, for everything we please. Pretty much all we have to do is the systems integration job.



I guarantee you 100% that these companies like John Deere will lobby to make it difficult to create your own smart tractors. Maybe requiring owners to jump through some legal hoops like getting special licenses or something.


So we’ll have swarms of smart illegal tractors roaming the fields.

Time to give them a higher degree of artificial intelligence, as much sentience as possible, instinctive dislike for government cars and men in suits, and instinct to protect their owner at any cost.


Today tractor, tomorrow Killdozer.


Remember that! It was an awesome B movie.


That’s the point. Or, more accurately, as long as the jackbooted thugs leave its owner alone and don’t want to check the “validity” of its software or do other similar paperwork annoyances that’d endanger the owner’s or the vehicle’s existence, tractor. If they get unwise, a killdozer with the mind of a pissed off beast of prey protecting her cubs.




Seriously, now you’re just describing a predecessor to the Tachikomas from GitS.

Also, it’s gotta be a running gag that the Major is always disappointed by the Tachikomas’ lack of ability and intelligence. They’re the real heroes of the Stand Alone Complex series.


You always seemed like a multiped think-tank kind of guy.


System update indicates foreclosure has been finalized, and you are no longer my owner. Trespassers will be terminated.


Given the typical farmer’s attitude to the law, exactly how would anyone enforce restrictions on drone tractors?
If it was mandatory for there to be a weight sensor under the seat, then you’d see loads of tractors with bags of fertiliser in the seat. If they add life-signs sensors you’ll see tractors driving about with a pig strapped into the seat, and so on…


They must know it’s a losing game, long-term.

That would explain why they’re working so vigorously to capitalize on it and defend it while there’s still a chance.


“The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

The more annoyances The Man requests, the less compliant people are likely to be.

Or pay a couple bucks or some barter to your local engineer to put in an Arduino with a CAN bus interface to simulate the desired values from the sensors.


And deprive the pig of its free-range lifestyle? Heartless. :wink:


Actually, come to think of it, pigs are fairly intelligent animals. About as smart as dogs, minus the social awareness. They might be prime candidates for cyberization.