Opiate underwear claims life



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Fuckin’ croaker wouldn’t even give me a goof ball…He asked me what the American flag means to me and I said “Soak it in heroin Doc, an’ I’ll suck it!” Says I’ve got the “wrong attitude.”


Sometimes a little skid is all it takes… a brief bit and it is over.


[_] Noble death
[✓] Ignoble death


This was not intended to be taken literally…



Which Burroughs is this from?


Guess his life was trunkated.


No, no, no. this one wasn’t written by Amazon Turker 7372166.

This one was procedurally-generated.


I had a cassette with albums from the John Giorno poetry label, “The Nova Convention” and “You’re The Guy want To Spend My Money With.” I loaned it to someone that skipped town… It’s so damned funny to hear Burroughs deliver these lines in almost totally flat midwestern drawl.


“Kerrrist Billy, this tastes like ass!”

Thank you, pull through.


Thanks! The style was immediately recognizable, but the quote still seemed unfamiliar. I’ve mostly focused on his books, haven’t spent much time playing his recordings.

If you want the recordings back, UbuWeb’s got 'em:



Never trust a junkie.


Ah…my favourite Shateau de Methadone, with a lingering aftertaste of yesterdays pizza.



That bit is here:



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