Opioid-hooked children are to America now what 'crack babies' were to the 1980s

Phonics, on the other hand, horribly, terribly real… :grin:


I did that. I got

studies have failed to clearly show that PCE has negative cognitive effects, partly because such effects may be due to concurrent factors.[7] Pregnant mothers who use cocaine often use other drugs in addition, or they may be malnourished and lacking in medical care. Children in households where cocaine is abused are at risk of violence and neglect, and those in foster care may experience problems due to unstable family situations. Factors such as poverty that are frequently associated with PCE have a much stronger influence on children’s intellectual and academic abilities than does exposure to cocaine in isolation

Crack baby was shorthand for impacted babies born to parents who had lifestyle choices, often involving cocaine available in their neighborhoods, and not conducive to a healty outcome for the baby. Headlines are, and always will be, imprecise that way.

Funny what happens when you consider (or rule out) one factor in isolation, innit?

Handwave it aside, you go ahead an crack the hell out of your life when you (or your partner) are pregnant. Opiate the shit out of your days of pregnancy. It was just a liberal media hoax after all, you should be totes fine. I mean, heck, it’s a wonder cocaine isn’t up there with Vitamins in the prenatal regime, amirite? Moms get tired and cranky, and don’t want much sex… problem meets solution!

_Or mayb_e the concern was a reasonable response by fairly well meaning people in healthcare who were deeply concerned that it might have been the next Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and didn’t want towait the full 20 years to do the full epidemiology before saying ANYTHING about it - one that was maybe run with by headline writers and those with an agenda to fulfill.

But to call it a hoax is as well informed and as well meaning as calling it an epidemic.


Senate tacks on a rider allowing open carry in hospitals and giving hundreds of millions more to Saudis Arabia.

Bill dies.


Meanwhile, the Governor of Maine just vetoed a similar bill, because those addicts are just going to kill themselves anyway. Yes, really.


Some one make a pic with a baby that says, “Opoids are a hell of a drug,”

See - this is why eventually everyone will have their eggs sucked out of them and put into little spheres and when you want a baby you have to order one from the baby farm.


By that measure, cancer treatment doesn’t save lives, it just extends them until the next relapse.

And soup kitchens don’t save lives, they just extend them until people get hungry again.

And coronary bypasses don’t save lives, they just extend them until the next instance of heart failure.

I don’t curse often, but Fuck this guy.


long past time to turn LePage.


I suspect that he knows full well that it saves lives; but that “Sure, it saves lives; but they aren’t really lives we want saved.” might go over poorly even among some of the law-and-order types.


Danger Baby, to the rescue!

Meanwhile, as legislators panic over illegal drug use, fetal alcohol syndrome is the real deal. It really does impact babies. And it’s caused by our legal drug of choice.


It’s like they do this shit on purpose.


Was the Governor of Maine the same dude who was caught on tape worrying about black men coming up from NYC to take away young white women from Maine? Or was that another Maine politician? Is Maine secretly part of the deep south?


yeah, it’s THAT GUY


Any word on whether they use Marijhuana, the mexican devil-weed, and the atavistic barbarity of jazz music to stoke their animal lusts beforehand? I’m pretty sure that’s part of the script in this case.


Flipper Babies

Or his salary doesn’t ensure he has money. It just ensures he has money until he spends it.


What @AcerPlatanoides said.

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Unfortunately I think those riders would make the bill more likely to pass.

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He received some of the biggest applause for his comments about Trump and King, however, when asked about his political aspirations. At the suggestion of a possible vice presidency, LePage laughed and said, “We’re too much alike.”

He then said: “If I don’t go to work in the Trump administration, I will probably seek another position in politics,” clarifying later that he would run against King, a former Maine governor and independent. LePage’s second term as governor and King’s first term as senator both expire at the start of 2019.

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