Pot-smoking moms birth crack babies says Fox News medical expert


Also, up is down, left is right, ignorance is strength. Drink your Victory Gin and love Big Brother.


Dr. Samadi is a medical expert, but only when it comes to removing prostates with robotic arms, not marijuana or anything else FoxNews has scripted for him.

Do pregnant mothers who do Fox News give birth to crackpot babies?


This is especially amusing considering crack babies don’t exist.


You have won all the internets today.

(Sadly, the answer is probably: at least some of the time.)

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‘‘Fox medical expert’’ is an oxymoron or maybe just a plain moron.


It’s true. I smoked four marijuanas last week and now I am a gay alcoholic heroin-addict who chews Copenhagen.


I could only make it half-way through the clip before I lost track of what he was saying. I am left with one clear thought, though …

This guy is a DOCTOR?!!?


So was Josef Mengele.


Great. Now I have the opening credits for the A-Team stuck in my head.

Better than FUD News, though.

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My brain hurts now.

FUX NEWS: the perfect example of how the GOP promotes ignorance as a virtue. That is how they produce a coalition of religious zealots and the economically illiterate as viewers.

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Guh, why can’t everybody just agree, drugs are bad, m’kay?

All this arguing makes me thing some people don’t know what they are talking about, jeez.


At 1:48
“It causes a lot of memory loss, it causes cognitive skills, mood changes…”

Damn! I’m gonna get me some more cognitive skills right now.


Given Dr. Samadi’s demonstrable aptitude for understanding complex systems and his commendable contributions to robotic surgery, this strikes me as the very sad case of someone who either knows better or suffers a profound lack of curiosity outside his specialty.

That’s not really what that article or research says at all…

FOX medical expert.


Well, it actually does seem to say exactly that.

From the article:

While the cocaine-exposed children and a group of non-exposed controls performed about the same on tests, both groups lagged on developmental and intellectual measures compared to the norm.

Other researchers also couldn’t find any devastating effects from cocaine exposure in the womb.

Possibly what you’re trying to debate depends on defining what the “crack baby” myth is. From Wikipedia, the myth was that

[Crack babies] would be severely emotionally, mentally, and physically disabled; this belief became common in the scientific and lay communities. Fears were widespread that a generation of crack babies were going to put severe strain on society and social services as they grew up. […] Babies exposed to crack in utero would never develop normally. The children were reported to be inevitably destined to be physically and mentally disabled for their whole lives. Babies exposed to crack in utero were written off as doomed to be severely disabled. Experts foresaw the development of a “biological underclass” of born criminals who would prey on the rest of the population.

It goes on to say that

Later studies failed to substantiate the findings of earlier ones that PCE has severe disabling consequences; these earlier studies had been methodologically flawed

The notion of a generation of kids completely messed up from their mother’s smoking crack was simply false. The most people come up with is small differences like ability at regulating stress – hardly the “severely emotionally, mentally, and physically disabled” kids the media predicted them out to be.


It’s simultaneously frustrating and astounding that an imagined fear with no scientific merit can get perpetuated as indisputable fact in allegedly evidence-based Western Medicine.