Opossum has taken up residence in the Oakland Athletics' visiting team broadcast booth

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We’ve petted a possum at CROW on Sanibel Island in Florida. They have wildlife ambassadors you can interact with during their presentation when you visit. We donated extra and got a tour of the hospital, that was awesome. They are not recovered yet from the hurricane. If anyone has a couple extra bucks this is a good cause.


The other time I touched a possum, I was in high school, I was drunk dropping off my future wife, when I went to pull away there was a possum playing possum in front of my car, I got out and grabbed it’s tail, he was not happy. Don’t touch possums unless they want to be touched.

Now to make you feel left out of the club. This is our backdoor and it’s pretty common, they love peanut butter sandwiches. The little guy was practicing playing possum on our dock. We really thought he was dead until we got real close and then he just popped up and ran off. Fun stuff.


Something similar at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, they had some special events with wildlife rehab people. We didn’t get to pet it because it was super busy but I bet if you were there really early or late when there wasn’t a crowd you probably could have. They had animals that couldn’t have been released back in the wild for various reasons.

Or, you know, just go outside with some food like the Racoon hot dog guy and make friends:

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My wife loves that guy, he’s having some serious health issues right now.

All animals are welcome in our yard but if a racoon shows up we stop with the food for a couple days because my neighbors will get upset if raccoons take up residence. Mrs. Feral gets fed but no food is left out until raccoons move on.


I have a trail cam near where I put the critter food. I usually just have bird seed and deer food but I started putting out a little bit of food for a feral cat when I noticed her limping a little (she’s fine now, it must have been minor). On the trail cam it has time stamps so I can see that there is a racoon and a possum that seem to show up together. One time I had a bowl of food for the cat out and the possum shows up, then disappears for a few minutes, then comes back with the racoon. Like, he found a feast and went and got his friend?! Would they do that? Anyways, the racoons still get food because they’re besties with the possum. If the coyotes start showing up then any carnivore food won’t be out but I have never seen them eat anything there, just passing through. Oh and occasionally a bunny shows up with the possum and racoon.


Do you live by Disneyland? :heart_eyes:


We’ve had a skunk with a possum.

This guy took a nap in one of the squirrel houses we have in the tree.


Will he be relocated with the team when they bolt from Oakland to Vegas?

Also, marketing opportunity to be the Oakland Possums for one night with special uniforms and merchandise…


I like the opossum’s fingerless gloves. :heart_eyes:


Ahhh, after listening to the broadcast it becomes clear that the stadium lacks adequate (ahem) facilities for fans who happen to be opossums.

oak GIF by MLB


Because the A’s/Cubs game happened so late (started at 8:40pm, Chicago time), the broadcasters were more than a little silly (and/or, in fine Chicago tradition, a little ‘spiced’) and spent several innings going into extreme detail on the possum and the booth.

And the camera people also enjoyed showing the “guest booth” they had been given after the forced move - basically a small box with a literal blanket hanging up.

This is a multi-million dollar team?

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They aren’t really dangerous, you could just use the booth and be fine.

I just saw one crossing the road last week!

Re: raccoons,

I heard a ruckus in the back yard around midnight, and shined one of my super bright flashlights and saw at least 4 pairs of eyes staring back at me in the big tree in the back yard. Guess they were scrapping in the tree. One was up super high.

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I should rig up a camera. We’ve got buns, raccoons, a skunk, voles, a fox that commutes along the sidewalk on the other side of the street, a cat that has a patrol route, and probably coyotes, especially on Banquet Night. (No matter how many times their garbage gets ransacked, the neighbours insist on putting it out the day before pickup.)

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I think they are mistaken and they just wanted to meet someone who is a hero in the eyes of most vermin

Also @tcg550 , possums have a very particular diet (even through they’re scavengers) so you shouldn’t be giving them that too often. A nice handful of insects, snails and bird eggs would make them happy. Something high in calcium.

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Turtles too?

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But if you listen to the announcers, they’re not really worried about the opossum. It’s the stench of possum poo.


OH, I missed that detail. Good point. Ew.

I haven’t seen turtles on the trail cam but there is a little stream (more for storm drainage) behind the house and at least once per summer a turtle wanders into our yard and I have to go relocate it back to the woods before my dogs find it.

I love little animal combos! Also I have never seen a squirrel house and I need one. I wanted to build some sort of possum house.

Here is the one I have, I got it as a gift, so IDK where they sell them besides Amazon so I linked there. I guess like Bass Pro? Battery life is amazing: https://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Trail-Camera-Sensor-Glow_119977C/dp/B07VDG5ZDK/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3I33NE84NLNVL&keywords=bushnell%2Btrail%2Bcam&qid=1681947617&sprefix=bushnell%2Btrail%2Bcam%2Caps%2C92&sr=8-7&th=1

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