Optician Sans: a font based on eye-charts


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/06/snellen-sloan.html


I’m having difficulty seeing a use case for this font.


I hate that I have to cover one of my eyes and
stand 20 feet away from my computer screen to use the font properly.
I also hate how the font gets progressively smaller as I read down the page.


Making eye-charts, of course!


Curiously, not used for the (defunct) Lumen Optical chain of stores. They were created as a brick-and-mortar arm of 1-800-Contacts (you can’t buy contacts without a doctor’s prescription), but were a short-lived experiment.


I just had to.


Yet another font with just capitals? It’s not a complete font without lower case.


Isn’t it intentionally hard to distinguish, say, the C from the O?


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