Optimize your home Wi-Fi with this network troubleshooter

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I’ve been using the free version for a while now. It’s been working great to diagnose network problems in my old house with lots of brick. I looked into getting the paid version, but I didn’t find anything compelling for me. Some good features, like being able to map out a network, but nothing that I, personally, need. If I buy the license, it would be to support this otherwise free and useful product.

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This is misleading. I have the free version.
If you elect to upgrade the personal version is $49 U.S, the Pro Version is $149 U.S, and the Enterprise version is $499.

This “promotion” says it’s 72% off of the normal $68 price for the Personal version.
The personal version doesn’t cost $68, and this isn’t a 72% savings off of anything other than some fictional price that the product is neither advertised at, nor sold at.

You can check out the actual pricing here: https://www.netspotapp.com/purchase-netspot.html

It’s nice to get $20 knocked off a $49 purchase, but that’s a 40% discount, not a 72% discount.

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