Evaluate home renovations digitally before you make them with Live Home 3D

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/19/evaluate-home-renovations-digi.html

or just use it to plan out your dream house


Lucky for me, I can do just fine modelling my home with a shoebox, and it’s almost to scale!

ETA: on a serious note, I went to the product website, just to see if they had it for windows (they do) and noticed that the regular version for Windows is $9.99, pro version in $19.99, and was like, are they marking this up for the BB store? Then I clicked on the mac version and it’s regular version $29.99, pro version $69.99 WTF? is the software itself appreciably different or is there just a Mac tax on software?


It’s for Windows 10. Nah. Seven is as far as I want to go.


As I said, Windows 7 will be the last. When it’s time to move on, there is Linux.

And if someone tries to ransom ware me, the beast gets nuked and the village burned to the ground.

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