This app helps you build your dream home from the ground up

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When it comes to redesigning or renovating a living space, envisioning changes before they occur can be tricky for most.

That’s why we hire professionals to renovate our houses. Playing Minecraft a whole lot doesn’t count.


Maybe this is where McMansion hell is made.


Will there be a button to populate it with Ikea furniture?


We used this program for planning out our remodel. Super glad we did! It would have been a massive disaster had we not planned it out. Helped us figure out the measurements for wall distance, toilet placement etc. There was a bit of a learning curve… but nothing to crazy. This is a really good deal.

That looks cool and fun! But on their website they are selling the pro version for 19.99, so I don’t see why I would pay $5 more on boing boing. If it was $14.99 on boing boing I would definitely be game.

If you want to build your dream home from the ground up, get yourself a good architect.
They exist, but you’ll have to put a bit of an effort into finding them.
This is on a level with finding the lawyer who handles your divorce or finding the surgeon who will handle your heart transplant.

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