What kind of house $300,000 can buy around the world


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One of these places is not like the others…:notes:

(And I hate living here for that exact reason.)


Admittedly, the USA example is Los Angeles.

In Canada, if I chose to live in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, I could practically get a mansion for $300,000. If I chose to live in downtown Toronto, Ontario, I could get a broom closet.

There’s probably as much variation (if not more) within each of those countries as there is between them.


I just built a 40-square-foot house that ought to fetch at least $300K here in San Francisco:


I think for a good comparison they should have included a New England home in the US which would be a little better than the LA one for the same price, and a Texas or Kentucky home which would be a palatial mansion for 300k.

The thing with the US is we have a huge range in what the housing market looks like between the East and West coast and the heartland.


I’ll give you 301,000!!!

Conditions of sale: must include lifetime supply of tiki torch fluid


Last Summer a good friend [retired] got 10 acres & a 1k sq ft 3 room cabin in Nor Cal for just that price. It’s a beautiful meadow with a good well w/ quality water flow. A 8 mile jaunt into town gets you all the usual stores and whatnots your heart desires. The moral of the story is, you can get that in the good ole USA.


I live with my whole family in a nice shed I tore a hole in the side of. It’s free, and we get all the garbage we want (all we have to do is push over the can and tear off the lid).

Sure, people point and shout “Ah! Raccoon! Git!”, but every place has its racists.


My house in a St. Louis suburb has a Zillow estimate of $111K, we paid $98K for it 7 years ago. 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 2 stories, ridiculously huge kitchen, garage, basement, huge backyard, big patio, deck.


Still, Zamora Avenue is just two blocks away from Fred Sanford’s junkyard (9114 South Central Avenue in Watts). Pretty appalling how much real estate costs in coastal California.


There’s a huge range in JUST New England alone. For that matter, even in the same state. Something in upstate NH vs something in western MA v something in eastern MA. $300K huge difference in all of those.

In MA, start at Boston and just go West: from Boston–>Route 128–>Route 495–>Worcester–>Springfield–>NY boarder.

In each of those $300K will get you something very different.


As long as I can get good internet, I’m good with wherever.


Sadly, If you google image search any of those images, you can’t find those houses for sale.


It’s missing a picture of a breadbox in Tokyo.


I live 3 miles East from Downtown San Diego, and we paid just less than the 300k mark. Here the Camelot is the Beach, the same place we have would be 1.5 million there, & likely would be smaller too. It’s fucking crazy, but there you have it.


Link appears to be Boinked.


Some of those houses look pretty nice on the outside, but how many of them include a locked, empty safe?


Pretty wide variety just within a greater metro area. Again with St. Louis, the median list prices are:

Ferguson: $22K
Maryland Heights: $189K
Town & Country: $729K

All within about a 10 minute drive.


We may never know. If it’s still locked, how do we know it’s empty?


It comes up as an embedded slideshow if you go to the boingboing article page.