What does a $300,000 house look like around the world?


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Yeah . . . not really a fair comparison there on the cover post. The London property could be a large industrial facility, with tons of square footage and other features that would make it worth the cost if that’s what you’re looking for. I pay a reasonable amount of rent for a nice large 3BR apartment, and I pay exactly the same amount of rent for a 20x30 space in an industrial building that I use as a workshop and a (quite nice) band rehearsal space. Apples V Oranges.


Fortunately for me, $300k buys a lot of house around here. Around 3,000 sq ft. Goes less far downtown and in the super-rich neighborhoods though.


I could buy every house on my street with that kind of cash. :smile:


And conversely you probably couldn’t get any house on my street in Seattle…
So yeah 3 bedrooms 1200 sqft, over 400K (per zillow anyway) and I personally think that is crazyland…


Suburb of SLC here.


$300K in downtown Seattle is a studio condo.


Generic city in Los Angeles… There is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house across the street from me going for $570k right now – it is probably one of the lower priced ones… The real estate bubble in L.A. never really deflated.

Here’s a $250k offering… Couldn’t find anything in my city that is in the $300k range other than some foreclosure auction estimates…
It looks like an apartment building that went condo.
1 bed 1 bath

This was the exterior pic.


a 3/2 in Los Angeles for under 6? damn


The seller probably wouldn’t describe that as “garage.”


I don’t think that it was maintained very well, so will definitely be a fixer upper.


See thats what I still boggle at half a mil for a fixer upper? fuck that shit. During the bubble run up in seattle there was a lot of that and people bought it too.


Which is also freaking crazy expensive.


Or, after you buy it and see the real state the thing is in, it can be quite a downer.


Here in Vancouver, only 12% of sales for free-standing dwellings are for less than $1M Canadian ($760,000 US).


SF housing is similarly crazy. You’re lucky to get a questionable piece of dirt for 300K.


My brother-in-law is a successful attorney in SF (think partner at a small firm) and won’t be leaving his rent-controlled apartment until someone finally decides they want to take the short-term financial hit of turning the building condo. To buy the same thing they’re renting now (a 2/1 apartment for a family of 4 with 2 young kids) is beyond what the budget would allow.


My parents just bought a 2500 sq. foot home on an acre of land in Delaware, OH for $220,000. And that was considered a bit high for the area.

A quick bike ride or drive to “downtown”. It’s adorable there.


You can get a tool shed in San Jose for $300k.


It is expensive, but places that are very desirable will always cost more. Seattle is a very fun city, lots of things to do, great restaurants, lots of natural beauty around, and lots of high-paying tech jobs. People are moving here in droves, so it’s going to cost more. shrug