Orange County Deputy Michael Higgins loses immunity for emptying his gun into motionless man, then head-stomping him

Regarding the topic, I hope there’s actually some justice meted out this time around, but I know better than to hold my breath.


even having trained “good guys with guns” doesn’t seem to be working out so well. smdh.

makes me really appreciate the countries where the regular police don’t carry and are taught how to disarm dangerous situations and protect all involved.


Wow, I wonder what rose colored glasses the judges in the lower court were looking through when they rendered their judgement after reviewing the evidence. Or did they bother? Did they just take the word of the cop? If there was ever a case for the local community to form a damn lynch mob to take care of justice. This is it, because you know that the when he gets to trial the jury is going to let him walk based on the old worn out “I feared for my life” trope. Even after they watch the video. He will still walk out of the courtroom a free man. Guaranteed.

So I make a comment criticizing Cory’s train wreck of a headline yesterday. So he changes the headline and erases all trace of my post.

You’re welcome. And, can’t say I’m surprised.

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