Organization nerds: Get inspired by these bullet journal flip-through videos

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Be warned: It’s really easy to fall down an organized, aesthetically pleasing rabbit hole.

Um, No it isn’t.


Shouldn’t this be linked to the selfie-addiction post?


I’ve kept a diary of my professional life for 6 years. Each morning I re-write my todo list, carrying over uncompleted items from the day before and include meetings for the day. Then I either complete an item or make notes on it, and usually take notes about the meetings on the reverse of the page. This has naturally created a perfect record of everything I’ve ever worked on and how it progressed, with no additional work from me.

ETA: Oh, and I just use either a Mead 5 Star or sometimes treat myself to a Rhodia or Clairefontaine pad.


I was addicted to todo lists and I never kept a journal or diary but for some reason this Bullet Journal process really got me. I’ve been using this system for over a year now and I find it endlessly fascinating. I’ve currently ditched all the color and glitz and am reduced to just a mechanical pencil and inexpensive notebooks. I shared my collection with my wife and she says that she’ll enjoy flipping through them when I have passed away - I think she can’t wait until I’m dead.


I’ve been running RPG games for years. Every game gets a moleskin, and I keep a dated set of notes for each session of about a page or two, and then add significant NPCs and places in pages at the back. I often highlight important things, and use those stick on file folder dividers for things I need to go back to often like loot lists.

Its’ not half as complicated a bullet journal, and thus why I’ve actually been doing this for close to five years.


“This is known as a signifier.”

Whatever you say, Perfesser.

Also, that’s a table of contents, not an index.

My mum has been doing something like this for the last 60 years or so. Still does, actually. She wouldn’t want to make a YouTube video about it, though.

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