Weeknotes: personal, public logs in the tradition of early blogging

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Neat. I accomplish this with weekly reviews which I do with Complice (link is to blog post describing the productivity app), but I’m too self-conscious to write them publicly. The fear is explained well in this XKCD comic, but I have yet to find a happy middle-ground between over-sharing and acceptable vulnerability:


Well they say journaling is good for the soul; however, they never said airing your dirty laundry in public is good for your soul. In fact, we invented a perfectly revolting metaphor just to cover this.

Webb’s notion of daily/weekly work journaling resonates with me. For the past eight years or so, I’ve kept a daily log on a plain legal pad that lives next to my keyboard. Day, date, what time I arrived/left, how long for lunch on top line, then a short one-sentence point for the days highlights- usually 6-10 items. Recent entries provide helpful reminders of what I’ve been up to and when, especially when I compile monthly reports for the boss.The older log books are simultaneously interesting, depressing, and motivating to review.

Knowing that I need to log at least a half dozen things with ink each day is a great motivator to stay busy. I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to digital format, but it’s reassuring to know that none of it is online; it’s just for me. Also, I find it refreshing to use simple pen and paper for a small part of my day.

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