The benefit of making your personal to-do list public


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“Oh hi Officer, thanks for calling. Yes, I did miss my court date. Yes. Well, I have a personal rule, I don’t leave the house unless it’ll be fun; do you think I could request balloons at the next hearing date? What’s that? House arrest? Awesome!”


Same principle behind telling people about your diet or smoking, etc. Supposed to create reinforcing social pressures.


I’m still trying to find an electronic todo list that takes me less time/hassle than yellow sticky notes.

  • Find a good place to dump bodies. Minimize carrying distance. Disposable tarp for car.


I use TiddlyWiki for a lot of stuff that I used to jot in notebooks. If it was connected to my Google calendar, it would be perfect. Hmm, probably doable using the node.js version.

  • Make To Do List


As a colorblind person, this list is damn near illegible to me. But I’m glad this guy thinks this list is the most useful thing he’s done in years.


That’s the second item on my to-do list. I should probably move “Get something to write to-do list on” to the top of the list.



should i put reading your to do list on my to do list? maybe you can reciprocate?


“Go thought phone screen shots for tasks.”

Might wanna work on that “describe tasks clearly” part.


What about the “never share your goals if you want to achieve them” thing?

Talking about them substitutes for doing them.


Raymond Reddington is much more secretive about his “to-do” lists.


Well, that Guardian article on why Time Management is destroying us was too much. This Reddington thing has amazing partitioning in’t.
Just mix in a few things from studies like that American Heart Association bit for growing new hearts from old (wash untransplantable hearts with 0.062 mMo. Triton X_100 with perfusion at circulopositive 11.2 lpm…) and forget to find the nice Dagen Zenji GANTT tools.

y 15 Avoid building sick cycling ramp in house s.t. leaving house always going to be fun


Who exactly? In my case who would care?



ok, enough said

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