Make your to-do list more doable with this revolutionary app

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I have switched to making not-to-do lists.


Revolutionary would be making the tasks doable (preferably done) by someone else. This is the season when I wish for elves. :christmas_tree:


Dang! Wrong kind of revolutionary app.

I was hoping this app would help me with tasks like

  1. Seize the head of state
  2. Seize the radio station and Hanno’s internet cafe in order to control communications and announce our glorious revolution so the citizenry can rise up in support.
  3. Seize the Grand Hotel (for it’s strategic location - nothing to do with its overlooking the capitalist nude beach. Put those binoculars down, Franz, they are for revolutionary purposes only!)
  4. Storm the police station and release our captured brethren (Dieter went on a bender last night and was arrested for singing revolutionary songs outside the Mayor’s window at 3am - a true hero of the revolution!)
  5. Overthrow the capitalist system and establish true luxury, fully automated, gay space communism.

It’s always the last one I struggle with…


Dunno, I heard this app is so revolutionary that Lin - Manuel Miranda is writing a play about it. Saw it in a meme or something so I’m sure it’s true.


Finally, I have long only allowed totally impossible to achieve things onto my todo list, knowing that Capitalism would inevitably make this app to take advantage of the fantaslists lke myself.

now I just need to get the app and complete the first few todos on my list -

  1. fold this reality in on itself so that I can jump up to the higher reality in which this reality is a fictional construct, pulling the app with me that has allowed to jump in and out of fictional realities and do reality folding.

  2. embark on a career as a fiction jumping pirate.

  3. Build a castle in some primitive out of the way fiction somewhere and rule as evil overlord thanks to the tech and magics stolen from a thousand stories.

  4. make fun of the concept of a revolutionary app on boingboing in my off-time.


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