Unfuck your Habitat: the app


There is no reason, ever, to make one’s bed. If the sheets are on the bed, rather than the floor next to it, it’s as “made” as it needs to be.


For what it’s worth, this is what the website author has to say on that:

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Where do you set down your clean laundry to sort and put it away in your dresser/wardrobe?

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On the floor, I assume.

People who don’t make their beds generally have a fairly laissez-faire attitude about laundry as well, I’ve found.

Sort? What is this sorting step?

Take laundry out of dryer, place in basket. Carry basket to dresser. Take things out one by one and put them in the correct drawers.

Downloaded the app since i found it amusing enough to try it out. Already off the bat i’m seeing room for improvement. The app will let you add new to-do tasks, and will even set reminders for you as to when they need to get done. But it won’t let you set reoccurring tasks like “Scoop the cat litter”, basically as soon as you’re done with a task it will delete it… it doesn’t even keep a history of completed tasks/lists so its not like you can’t reselect them.

Also it would be nice if it had pre-filled tasks that you can select. They do have random tasks that you can choose to do but there is no way to set any of those into a proper to-do list.

If they were to fix those two things i’d probably get more usage out of the app.

One of the best pieces of advice on the subject I’ve ever heard is: if it would take you less than 5 minutes to do it, do it as soon as you think of it. It’s not worth the mental real estate to remember and worry about.

After a while, one starts to realize that a good percentage of all those onerous tasks one doesn’t want to do would in fact take less than 5 minutes to get right.


But then you get crumbs in the sheets when you eat toast in bed.

You don’t fold your laundry?

It’s not worth the mental real estate to remember and worry about

I live in ‘The House of Unfinished Projects’. If only I had some mastery of such sanity-preserving skills as compartmentalization, ‘putting it out of my mind’, turning a blind eye, a highly selective attention span, etc. I hear those are parental skills, by necessity.

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In my extended family (not my house, those folks we’re related to), I hear tell the favored spot for dumping a load of hot clean clothes is the living room couch. I’ve only heard about this from those few families who have visited ‘The House of the Damned’ Slobs and it was reported there was no where to sit down. The procedure that follows is that everyone goes to the large clothes pile and picks out what they want to wear that day and/or puts away their own clothes (the later rarely happens). No one folds.

Of course. One folds each garment immediately as it comes out of the dryer. You don’t need a flat surface for folding.

Android? Bah.

Oh, they’re magic and fold themselves when they come out of the dryer?

Sounds like a rude version of the Flylady website.

Get cats. You’ll learn why you want to make your bed.

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Basically, yes, she even admits to being like the Fly Lady, but for a different audience. I didn’t get much out of the Fly Lady’s stuff, because her style didn’t mesh with mine, but there are lots of folks who will find her style more to their taste. Personally, I respond better to cussing and irreverence.

There’s an older version of the app (that is more stable!) for iOS, if you prefer.

Please note – an iOS version of the app, delicately retitled ‘Unfilth your habitat’, is available for smartphone users who actually want to do stuff with their pocket computers.

But of course Cory, that paladin of information freedom, won’t tell you that.

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Kitchen table