A simple Sunday routine for a more productive life

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Sunday routine? Coffee / Oatmeal / Motorcycle ride / More Coffee / More Motorcycle / Lunch / More Coffee / go to Costco for gas / More Motorcycle…


I’m curious about the routine, but I’m not going to sit through a 10 minute video. If you did, care to summarize the details?

I kind of doubt it’s better than Papasan’s though.


Sounds like you don’t need the video anyway, the whole thing is just different mind tricks she uses on herself to avoid blowing her whole Sunday slipping down a rabbit hole of Youtube videos…


“I’m not an A-Type organizer, but here is how I A-Type and organize LIKE an A-Typer”

Make a meal and separate into individual portions. Freeze them, let them thaw on your desk, and eat them for lunches.
Lay out your clothes and prepare your lunch Sunday night (I’m not an A-Type- “but I do this every night, but sunday is more important to start week off confident”)
Sunday is for “leaning into” the body issues a non A Type, A Typer has, like spend extra time working on skin issues.
Put your to do list on an excel spreadsheet and bask in the glory of highlighting the cell gray when it is completed.
Start working on your emails Sunday night so you are ready to A-Type even harder on Monday morning.
Schedule two activities during the week to take care of yourself- no drinking, no eating out, instead work out or do other A-Type activities.
Create a youtube channel explaining how your A-Type tendencies are not A-Type tendencies but actually a B-Type just pretending to be an A-Type.


Sleeping in… Staring out of a window… spending outdoors doing nothing… Procrastinating… Any other tips on how to lead a more creative life?


So, basically start working on Sunday?! fuck that, I’m not getting my shit together until Monday, when I’m being paid to get my shit together. (Self-employed folks, YMMV)


Do you mind if I tell you later ?


If it’s not a lie-in, sex, then a cooked breakfast, I’m not interested.


Yes, but when I cook that huge lasagna on Sunday, I can’t help but spend the next 24 hours finishing it off.


Sounds about right.

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We just stress all the time.

Most likely scenario: drink just a bit too much booze on Sunday that it disturbs my sleep/wake up at 3am with a start/brain starts racing/oh shit I just watched that woman’s Sunday routine vid/should I start a Sunday routine?/it’s still Sunday right?/I’m not sleeping anyways/start rustling around in the house/wife wakes up and asks “What are you doing?”/it’s now 4:30am/I’m starting my Sunday routine to get ready for Monday/“It IS Monday. It’s also the middle of the night and you woke me up goddammit.”/end of new Sunday routine/I’m tired now/but it’s too late to go to bed/coffee/FUCKIN MONDAYS.


I like to get up on a Sunday and then march ever onwards towards greater and greater MEdom. If you’ve seen Basil Fawlty dealing with the German guests, you have a pretty good idea what that looks like.

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Screw all this more productiveness. Its the CEOs that always get the raises and the perks and the big bonuses.

Screw having a more productive life. I’m going for a more sane, relaxed life.


Roger That!


No better, simpler Sunday routine exists.


This was the point in the video where she lost me…or I lost it. I’ve spent too much of my professional life trying to loosen the grip of people who insist on clinging to Excel like Jack and that board in Titanic.


I skipped to the teal labels w text in the video, which saved me ten minutes I’ll use on Sunday to sleep in, maybe try to convince Mrs Enk to practice some Enkling creation methods I’ve been meaning to experiment with. Then some sort of big breakfast, skip lunch. Possibly kayak or work in gardens. For dinner maybe make 3X something you can freeze. We have a chest freezer in the garage: invaluable.

But check your email before bed? No. This is terrible advice. Maybe check before dinner so you can think over prioritizing any time at all to it on your very much necessary time OFF. If you can kick it to early Monday, great. Just thinking about it over Sunday night is better than the Pavlovian ‘gotta check my fondleslab every 10 minutes bullshit’


pssh. I wish it was Sunday (cause that’s my fun day)


Sunday means:
Do one load of laundry. Save the next load until Monday.
Do a little housework, like lawn mowing.
Work on a crafty type project; I have a quilt I am currently piecing that will take most of my free time for the next 3 months.
Decide on menus for the next few days; I usually try to make something on Monday that will be lunch for the next couple of days.
Disclaimer: I work Tuesday - Saturday.