On the merits of creating freedom by forcing people to stay home on Sunday

All business should be closed on Sunday. I’m an atheist. People need a break.


So someone works Mon-Sat. When do they get their shopping done?


No. Every one should have two days off a week minimum. People who need to get things done at businesses on Sunday should be able to do that. People who prefer to work on Sundays should be able to do that.

These places are owned by the state for the purpose of serving travelers. They should absolutely be able to exclude a business that closes on a busy travel day. Not entirely sure they need a law for that, but given what went down with the City of San Antonio and Chick-fil-A, maybe this NY legislator feels like NY does.

Chick-fil-A, or any business, being closed on Sunday for religious reasons doesn’t offend me. As long as they aren’t doing their business on government owned property.
Then again, I haven’t eaten at Chick-fil-A in years. Despite it’s close proximity to my home.


How does society continue to function if everyone gets the same day off? Should hospitals shut down on Sundays too? How about emergency responders and the people who run the utilities?

Everyone needs a break, but there’s no reason everyone should have to take their break at the same time. Even the Abrahamic religions don’t agree on which day to recognize as the Sabbath, and there’s no reason we should force them to.


We don’t need more stupid First-Amendment-violating blue laws to give workers time off. What we need is a mandated 40-hour maximum work week (or better yet, a 32-hour maximum one). Chick-fil-A is perfectly capable of operating seven days a week under that plan.


We all need the same day off. If you have a family of 5, and one person has to work on Sunday, the family doesn’t get to meet as a whole.

I’ve just responded to someone else about this, but I’ll do it again. We are a social animal, we function in groups. If one friend or family member always has to work on Sunday, you don’t get to meet as a group. One day of week, Sunday, everyone should have off.

Why Sunday? Why aren’t stronger labour rights and worker co-operation/participation in scheduling a better solution then expecting everyone to take the same day off?

And no, we don’t all need the same day off. Some families need Saturday off (and not just for religious reasons). Some would prefer other days of the week off.


Because it only works if everyone gets the same day off. No picking and choosing. Everybody gets Sunday off.

And the people who chose Saturday as their day off, before the Sunday people were around? They can just lump it?


So the people whose sabbath is on a Friday or Saturday are just out of luck, then? And what of the folks who work jobs that are essential, like public safety or medical services?

You believe that a place like Disneyland, or National Parks for that matter, shouldn’t be allowed to be open on Sundays even if they have a willing workforce and it facilitates families spending time together in an enjoyable way?

Yes, people are social animals like you say. And people enjoy socializing in all kinds of different contexts that aren’t available if all businesses are closed.


That didn’t answer either of my questions or address my point that some families may prefer to have a day other than Sunday off.


I’m sure heart attacks, car accidents, power outages, domestic violence, and fires will take the day off too. And the people who have no other days to do things like grocery shopping because of their other obligations will just have to starve.

Everyone in a society being forced to take the same day off would not work. And forcing people to take the christian sabbath off is just insulting


Giving people a choice doesn’t work. Giving society and people a rest day only works if everyone has the same day off. Sunday is the day that the majority of people in N. America come closest to agree on.

Having a rest day only works if everyone has a rest day together.

Low wage workers do not have any bargaining power.

Loneliness is an epidemic now. Give people a rest, give society a rest.

You have repeatedly ignored multiple people pointing out that certain basic services cannot simply be gone for an entire day. And the people providing those services should be able to have the same day off as their families!

The same day off in any society will not work


It specifically does NOT work if everyone has the same day off, because “rest” for many people involves getting out of the house and doing things like, for example, enjoying nature at a National Park.

Know what helps fight loneliness? Giving people options for getting together on whatever day they happen to have off. Which is a lot harder when people can’t travel because everything is shut down.

If you like resting at home on Sundays with no options to see a movie or travel anywhere, great for you. But imposing your very specific idea of “rest” onto everyelse is just a really arrogant attitude.


What is preferable to you may not be preferable to others.


So corporate management always knows best and workers should suck it?

So non-Christians (including atheists) can suck it too because of an empty religion-inflenced tradition?

And giving them less choice is a remedy to that?

Again: labour rights is the way to give people a rest. The struggle against the bosses for a 5-day/8-hour work was a monumental one in the U.S. more than a century ago.

In any case, your proposition is a silly one. A lot of businesses and workplaces run 24/7 as a matter of mission and necessity, and do so without violating labour rights.

I used to enjoy having the choice to work weekends as a young single journalist in the newsroom. I had a chance to get a lot of experience in my vocation, enjoyed the company of my co-workers, and got to do errands at off-peak hours on my weekdays off.


You’re the one standing up for management. Not me.

Even Jews would agree that it would be great if nobody worked on Sundays.

People who think I mean nurses and police, are presenting a disingenuous claim, that makes them seem like clowns.

Rest means anything you want it to mean. Walking, going to the beach with family or friends.

No Sunday work is a labor right. It has been significantly eroded over the last 40 years. Weekends for many workers is now a meaningless term. Low wage workers don’t get a choice.

If we all don’t get the same day off, it’s not a real day off.

So in your scheme nurses and police do still work on Sunday, just their families aren’t entitled to choose their days off to line up? Why is that better?