ORGANIZE! (You have nothing to lose but your threads)

Continuing the discussion from Sup Marxists?:

  1. Flick it on.*
  2. Offer organizational advice to @awjt
  3. Lose your chains.
  4. Profit!

* obscure joke.

You could create a thread/topic of your own where you post threads/topics that you are interested in, plus annotations.

Such as

Do you want to play questions? - NOTE: must only post questions with a question mark (NO STATEMENTS)

The Fool’s Game - NOTE: must only post answers with no question marks (NO QUESTIONS)

wᴀɴɢ Gʟᴏʙᴀʟ - dicks seen in a screen scene

Rainbows - this is the second-best thread EVAR (#2)


SUPER REALLY BESTEST THREAD - #1++ ignore that other one, this is the best. SO WHY DID NOBODY REPLY

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Reverse chronological, non-alphabetical-genre-then-hit-song, with rfids for quick scanning.

Wait, was this a thread about an updated High Fidelity organizing scheme?

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I am thoroughly confuzzled. Udderly confewzed.

Open a fake-account* and send a private message to your “Self”
Only you(se) can see it – keep notes in there.

* ha-ha, totes kiding, just a joke, I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING

Was it the thing about rfids? rfids are asexual, but can be destroyed by eLadybugz.

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  • Have you tried hitting Ctrl-D?
  • Have you tried hitting Ctrl-D?
  • Have you tried hitting Ctrl-D?

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I had no idea this thread even existed. Yes, I posted in it, but that is a big nevermind. How you get inside my brain? GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!
######now i rly need a shrink

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