Oscar Mayer whips out a hotdog-dropping drone


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The last time there was a flying weiner, it made international news




now with no added nitrates or nitrites (except those naturally occurring in celery juice)

No! Don’t fall for the pseudo-science! “Uncured” meat products have just as much nitrite as conventionally cured meat, often more since the dosing is less regulated.



Not to be excessively geeky, but the “moped” is clearly a sidecar’d Vespa scooter.


Given the limited range of most drones, I’m not sure this will cut the mustard.


No one else posted a Blazing Saddles joke yet?

I am disappointed…



Dog Router. I guess bagging it will reduce collateral damage.

Just a thought, but that drone could also be used to locate and pickup doggy doo on its way back to base.


I was saying something about genius early today.

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