Otherworldly nightscapes shot with spotlight-equipped drone


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Honestly, how ever beautiful these videos may be there is somebody nearby camping just trying to get some sleep. Drones over park lands is pollution pure and simple. I’m sad that they have invaded our quiet spaces. I go these awesome parks to take in mother nature and revel in her majesty and her silence and light and not to be harassed by buzzing drones that ruin the skyline like power lines.


Wow! This looks to have been filmed in Giger Valley.


Take a leave out of the BOFH’s book and bring a pinch.


I trust there will be a title sequence in an SF movie in the next two years using exactly this effect.


“nighttime desert”

It’s only a model.


Yeah, my first thought was “let the animals sleep!”

They are cool videos, and it would be worth it if it was once, but man those things are everywhere.

And they don’t play relaxing music either, dammit.


Wow, that was someone with a vision. Beautifully executed. Probably caused a few UFO sightings, but still.


This has a very demoscene feel to it.


One of the drone cameras has a dead pixel in the upper right corner… now I keep obsessing about it instead of enjoying the experience! :frowning:


That would be actually worse.


Good point.
But if you watch the videos with the constant buzzing sound they actually make as the soundtrack, it is a different experience.


The sound of a single-engined aircraft flying by, heard whilst lying in a summer field in England, which somehow concentrates the silence and sense of space and timelessness and leaves one with a profound feeling of something or other.

Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, The Meaning of Liff
(UK Edition: ISBN 0-330-28121-6, US Edition: ISBN 0-517-55347-3)


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