Ottawa Public Library and US Embassy open makerspace


Any makerspace is a good idea to my mind, but my first thought after reading the post was to think that subtitling it “An American Corner” is akin to an implicit EULA for said space:

Your use of this space entitles the security services of the United States of America to record anything you say, listen to, or think while within the bounds of this space. Anything created within this space may be copied without your knowledge and sold to third party companies that have been pre-authorized to produce said item for their own profit. If the item you create within this space has the capacity to copy anything of any sort/medium, you will be arrested and charged under the appropriate law(s). Utilizing this space also entitles the U.S. Government to kill you at any time.
Hell, the statement from the library about the space has this blurb in the copy:
[Makerspaces] are built on the premise that knowledge and learning is often better transmitted via sharing, collective problem solving, and task performance.
I am Jack's inflamed sense of cognitive dissonance.

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