Otters and orangutans being animal friends

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Is it me, or is this less like “animals being firends” and more like “otters being assholes”? I mean, otters nipping at orangutans’ fur, trying to steal blankets from baby orangutans, and just being pesky while others are just trying to chill. It makes me long for the “otters holding hands” videos.


Yeah, the orangutan with the blanket, it could be teasing/playing with the otters, but that last video, the otters nipping at the orangutan just looks like they’re harassing it, and the orangutan is trying to get away from them. (Which puts the video where the orangutan is trying to keep the otters back with a branch in a new light…)


I don’t know, but do you think that an orangutan can’t handle his shit? :thinking: If they were actually annoyed, do you think that the otters would last long?

Seems to me like they’re having fun and enjoying the interaction with the little guys, though…

Also, obligatory…



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