Our favorite music makes us nicer


The study actually says nothing at all about “our favorite music.”

ITA. “Tunes that chill us out” =/= favorite music…at least, not always and not for everyone.

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When I come from work and Pink Floyd is playing on the stereo I know my girlfriend is going to ask me to do something.


So, listening to music I like improves my mood? Thanks, Professor Obvious!

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So how often does she ask you, “Is there anybody in there?”


Or to put a little work each day into the wall you said you’d finish…Like, a brick a day, at LEAST


FTA: “About half of the music that the participants chose as preferred music (chill-inducing) was Japanese pop.”

So Japanese pop makes you nicer, huh? I guess I’ll have to start streaming J-pop…

hey you
walking in the door
won’t you help me mop this floor
won’t you help me?


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