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Arising out of the recent Meyers-Briggs thread comes this one!

It’s not a Scientology come on (or is it?), I just wanted to share this bonkers combination music taste and personality test that I came across! They are using Big 5 for the personality side, which, whatever, at least there’s some actual research done on it, but it’s still mostly bullshit

The musical taste side has you listening to 15 second clips of songs and rating them. While I’m not providing it with my result below, it also has a lot of stuff in the report about how music taste and personality interact (which I would recommend interacting with with several grains of salt).

Overall it seems real dumb, but in an entertaining way

Oh and the site is broken in a pretty basic way - It crashes if you try to save your results using their save option. I copied mine into a doc

Definitely not edited to add the link to the site. Nope.

ETA: Oh God. The musical preference categories spell m.u. s.i.c :nauseated_face:


Personalities are free now?
Rough as it may be, at least I earned mine… :slightly_smiling_face:


The base personality is free. What will cost you is the add-on packs, options, and subscriptions.


The musical test is so far off it’s not even worth mentioning my score. But this has a lot to do with the quality of the music played. It claimed I disliked mellow music, which is not true. I disliked the specific mellow music in the test- which was basically hold music.

Yeah, I think the quality of the samples is just one of the issues with this test. I also got unusually low on mellow given what I listen to, The contemporary is probably spot-on though the category is insanely named

I’m posting it here entirely so that we can make fun of it and the many many weird woo claims made on the site.

And yes I signed up for the waiting list to take their sound based test that will diagnose mental illness!

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