Outa-Space, Billy Preston


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Thanks bringing to my attention the Preston-shaped void in my life that needs filling.

Outa-Space immediately brought to mind the Jimmy Castor Bunch’s Space Age:

At first just the song title, but after a couple listens something about the guitar sounds in the vaguest way similar to my ignorant ear. Probably just they’re both played using musical instruments or something.


Stevie Wonder also used a multitrack recording of the Clavinet to provide the riff for “Superstition.”

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What passes for a jaw harp (“jew’s harp”) in The Band’s Up On Cripple Creek is a clavinet through a wah pedal. On that one you can really hear the wah action.

is a very fine

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Very 70’s porn music?

My brain kept on inserting James-Brown-sounds into the track. Heh!

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