Outwit applicant trackers with this smart résumé creator

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BTW, if you’ve wondered if it’s resumé or résumé, both are used. (I forget if it’s a British/American thing). However, we mugged the French for the word, and in French, it is uses both acute accents.


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… for people expecting to get fired a lot engage in multiple job searches. As they will be, if they work for companies that use bots to do their hiring.


I agree, I never once applied to a job via “jobvite” or “linkedin” or whatever the new hip fad is these days. These people just want access to your advertising profile. I believe they’re selling the illusion of service here, the product is kin to the post modern generator.

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““Résumé,” by the way, is a French word with both “Es” accented, and literally means “summary.” In English one often sees it without the accents, or with only the second accent, neither of which is a serious error. But if you’re trying to show how multilingual you are, remember the first accent.” https://brians.wsu.edu/2016/05/16/vitae/

Elsewhere, Brians says, “Unfortunately, “résumé” seems to be losing its marks one at a time…”

So too is the document losing its relevance. A listing of one’s past experiences does not qualify one for a job. A buffoon can acquire even the most powerful of positions through wit, courage and strategic ad-buys, resume be damned. The ability to comprehend the job and learn it to perfection is the true skill. If you can write a vague and on topic enough resume, and keep it short, you can get to an interview where your chief responsibility is to convey that you have the ability to comprehend the job and learn it to perfection, or not.


Pretty much every company above a certain size uses one of these systems; not to hire, but just to do the initial screen of resumes. Now that you no longer have to print out and mail in or hand deliver your application, companies will get hundreds if not thousands of applications for a single position. As a current job seeker I abhor these systems, but I can see why an HR department might be desperate enough for some kind of solution to believe the sales pitch from one of the companies that makes them.

It’s not. English(traditional) calls this a curriculum vitae, or CV for short. See, we don’t just use a foreign language to make this sound fancy, we use a dead foreign language.

As do a number of American academics. The distinction I’ve seen (in U.S. usage) is a resumé is traditionally one page, and a CV is not.

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That’s interesting. I thought the two terms were a straight swap for each other. Over here there’s no distinction between short and long- all CVs are generally expected to be 1 or 2 pages max.

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