Padlock can't be opened, firefighters take desperate measures to get past fence


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This is Trump’s not-yet-announced fence he is planning to build to replace ineffectual financial regulations…


That was the Captain of the Critical Thinkers Club.


It’s like watching a real-life version of that scene from T2.



I think it was also Mark who originally showed me this :slight_smile:


Does ~15 seconds of a narrow view tell the whole story? There was a (blocking?) tree on the right side where the firemen passed by; perhaps the guy was trying to create more openings for the firefighters (and equipment?) to get through.


Stop trying to ruin our fun…

(There’s one in every crowd)



I needed a real LOL today, thank you. :slight_smile:


Okay. I was just anticipating the internet/media blowback this poor schmuck will inevitably we subjected to, and I wanted to get in his corner, for what it’s worth.

I’ll stop right now.
Not one word.
Don’t say I didn’t stop.
Because I did.
Did you see me stop?
I stopped.

Notice that I stopped?


more context please. what and why did you stop?


I stopped defending the lock-whacking guy, that to allow others to have fun, fun, fun (even though defending him was fun for me; oh, the sacrifices I make every day).


thanks a lot! all in all it was very fine of you to stop.

but I wonder if the ridiculed guy had good reasons trying to break the lock.



I thought they’d just lift it off the hinges.


If the fire fighters were my dogs, they’d all just stand there waiting for the gate to be opened.

I was fixing the track on our sliding glass door, so I took the non-sliding part off. They stood there, right next to the huge wide open hole, whining to be let out.

It’s a good thing they’re cute.



gates are RULES, dammit!


How are the fire engines going to get through that little slit? Or do they not need them?



A guy. A lock. A big bodacious tool.

Something’s bound to happen.