Painting a hyper-realistic fried egg: a time-lapse video


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That’s a lot of work to mess with your cat’s head. A laser pointer works just as well.


When I see the work of hyper-realistic painters I wonder if being too realistic is a marketing problem. I would imagine most people walk past these paintings thinking they are just photographs. It’s amazing realism, but at what point does the aesthetic difference between the two become null, and the artistry end up overlooked without a lot of background, behind-the-scenes information? Do buyers pause, wondering if people will appreciate it for what it is, rather than visitors thinking they have a big photo of an egg on their wall?


I would have loved to see his source material.

Somehow I am never sure what to make of Photorealist and Hyperrealist painting.


Eggcelent work​:baby_chick::chicken:


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