Extremely realistic 3D painting of a cat


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/05/extremely-realistic-3d-paintin.html


Nice one! Bet my derpy Siamese would dig this (minus the canvas-of-shame).


It’s pretty good, but I could tell by the pixels


Saw that coming, more amazed that the cat is so well behaved in that situation.


That is one chill-ass cat.


That kitty looks just like our Lumpy.
He was a good, good boy.


That cat’s eyes say “today you poke at me with brushes, tomorrow I murder you at dawn”.


Oh no they don’t. They say “Rrrr rrrr rrrr… a little more under the chin, my good man.”


it’s spooky how the eyes seem to follow you about the room.


Ha! Okay, I fell for it. But my kitties look even more real. One’s sitting on my lap right now, and I’m petting her! Yay!


I went in expecting this instead, and was admittedly very surprised.


It’s weird how the eyes follow you no matter where you stand. After they open I mean.


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