Sketch a cat and edges2cats will create a deep dreaming catrocity that fits


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For the cat part, he used a database of some 2,000 cat pictures

Or what most of us would call a “Morning on the Internet”


My first attempt… granted, this was with a crummy mouse, so…


I drew a totoro and my eldest drew a cat.


Oooo! Do the Cheshire Cat!

The Teniel original would be best, but the Disney version would probably be less lines.


Spider Cat, Spider Cat. Does whatever a spider can.


I approve of this application. Thanks Rob!


Of course, it would behoove crummy mice to make fun of cats!

Oh, you mean a computer mouse.



Has anyone gotten this to work with iOS?


Yay, I can draw, this is awesome!


Friend of mine was trying to get it to work on her android phone with no success so it may be something with mobile browsers being unsupported? I don’t know… i haven’t tried on mine.


I tried it on mine, (with mobile firefox) and the ‘random’ button works fine, you just cannot draw anything (you end up scrolling the page instead)

I do believe that is a limitation of mobile browsers, being in that there is essentially no cursor present for the page to track…

Edit: same outcome for chrome and dolphin browsers on the same device


Cat building?

Dammit I have to go to work now before I can stuff the cat building into the handbag generator, then the resulting purse into the cat generator



Figures. And here I was tring to use my Adonit stylus. :disappointed:


Hmm, needs a way to specify image files as input.

The patent archives are just loaded with neat line art that should totally be turned into nightmare feline tissue constructs.

Surely the noble Hall effect sensor should be granted a chance at a hideous mockery of life?


The cats look more like Spongmonkeys.