Watch an artist make remarkably lifelike cat portraits from felted wool

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It’s so lifelike you’ll have trouble keeping it on a shelf.



People would think I taxidermied my pet.




Would that be better than petting your taxidermy?

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Depends on how heavy.

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Is it just me, or do all of their eyes follow you stare over your shoulder, as if there is something behind you…

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I’ve been collecting the fur from my cat’s grooming brush for years now, with some nebulous idea of using it after she passes away for needle felting. This may be a bizarre form of hoarding, but the pile of fur I have stashed away is really soft and pretty.

The portraits in the videos look like funeral effigies intended to be placed in a shrine, which really isn’t any stranger than the death masks people used to make from cadavers.

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Each time I brush my cat, I roll the resulting fur into a dense ball, essentially creating cat-fur felt. It ends up about the size of a ping pong ball, and dense enough to bounce. It is the best toy ever, and he can hardly wait for the brushing to be over so he can start playing with it. No other toy comes close.


Felted wool cat heads are big in Japan.


More typically the death masks were made from plaster. It’s more the serial killer thing to actually make them from the cadavers.

So you know the uncanny valley thing for human-like objects? Apparently I’m subject to feline uncanny valley effect. The felt cats look creepy to me. Cute, amazing craftsmanship, but still a little creepy. It may be the eyes. I have issues with dolls that have glass eyes.

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A deeper look inside the “process”:

  1. Send me your deceased cat.
  2. " secret process "
  3. Completed lifelike cat face.
  4. Profit!

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