Whimsical felt cat caves


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/12/27/whimsical-felt-cat-caves.html


It doesn’t have zippers or enough structure to make scratching it satisfying. I think it’ll last … at least until kitty has an upset tummy. :laughing:


These are awesome. I wish Yulia as much success as possible (on Etsy, that would be before the counterfeit market steals her designs and ruins it for her).


I want a people-sized one of these. Why should cats have all the fun?


classism. our feline masters don’t believe in happy servants.


That sounds about right. If nothing else, the felt likely sticks to fur and these things would not look so gorgeously pristine after a few weeks of being coated with kitteh fur. But, brand new they are pretty cool. A great way to turn your cat into a Dr. Seuss character.


New at Urban Outfitters: Pet Supplies!


Insert joke here about “making your presents felt”.


TFW you realise you’ll never be as cool as this cat.


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