Crafting with Cat Hair


If anyone needs 20 metric tons of Maine Coon fur, let me know. Will take about five minutes to put together.


See this duffle bag?
Dog hair. Which an outfit called VIP fibers will turn into yarn someday.

Make sure that she doesn’t see the section on drone-making…


If you come up with a plan to re-use cat poop I am your man for supplies. Please keep me in mind.


Two cats live here. One has a very thick coat; the other has a very small brain.

When I brush the first cat, enough fur is produced to felt into a golf-ball-sized furball dense enough to bounce. The second cat thinks this is the best toy ever.

Thus, second cat gets very excited when he sees me brushing first cat.


Made some cute flat kitty faces from my cats brush gleanings a couple years back–worked great when needle felted! Kitties liked the end product–smelled like them!

Seems to me that what you REALLY need to make out of cat hair is a carpet and a couch cover. Because then you cat hair problems are vastly reduced.


My cats have been shedding epic quantities of hair since summer began. You’d think I had 16, not 2. I have actually contemplated saving the hair and doing something with it, and am entertained others have had the same thought :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I remember seeing this once while I worked in a used bookstore. Or something terribly similar. Infinitely amusing. I have enough orange cat fur around here to make a grand display of needle felted pumpkins I suppose…

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This is without a shadow of a doubt the most important thing that I will read today.

I own a copy of this book. If anyone wants to borrow it, let me know.

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