Pan Pan, 1985-2016


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So it turns out that his health problems were more of a mayday?


Damn you, 2016!


In case you missed any:

I had forgotten sir Neville Marriner died.


The Death of Hope. That’s just perfect.


That “hero father” thing kind of bothers me; I get that it’s a cultural whatsit, but…shit, man, is that guy who donates sperm every week also a hero father?


Reminds me of a not so beloved musical.

It’s in your grasp, Lee. All you have to do is move your little finger. You can close the New York Stock exchange.

Shut down the schools in Indonesia.

In Florence, Italy, a woman will leap from the Duomo clutching a picture of your victim and cursing your name –

Your wife will weep –

His wife will weep –

The world will weep –

Grief. Grief beyond imagining –

Despair –

The death of innocence and hope –

The bitter burdens which you share –

The bitter truths you carry in your heart –

You can share them with the wrold.

You have the power of Pandora’s Box, Lee. Open it…


I’m just relieved that it wasn’t Peter Pan that died.


Humans aren’t endangered.


Considering this year…


Aren’t they, though?


Looking at their list mostly
don’t know them.


I’ve learned not to take take anything for granted any more, so maybe so.

OTOH, if we survive the next four years, we may wish we hadn’t, and the future seems intent on giving us the worst of every possible outcome, so…


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