A panda who was "really, really, ridiculously good at sex" brought the species back from the brink of extinction, but things are still weird


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Exactly why I should be kept alive as long as possible.


Does this mean that future panda’s will be nymphomaniacs making all those Japanese comics prophetic?


I wonder how often during Earth’s natural history there were a few individuals whose exceptional sexual prowess was the one thing keeping the species alive.


Because humans fuck up everything they touch.


Can I also just say that I profoundly miss Maggie Koerth-Baker’s presence on BB?


I have no reason to doubt that you’re quite good at having sex with pandas but I frankly don’t see how that helps anyone.


Hmm - that steep rise seems to mimic also the student loan rate. Is there some correlation here?


I was posting for the owl.


That explains a lot, actually.


I knew a Panda like that once.


Those old panda memes suddenly seem less innocent…



If the last couple weeks worth of news is any indicator, a bunch of times.

a higher than normal libido (or lower than normal standards)

They found a frat boy panda.


There are many such correlations in this world:


Oooooo… I like that. Owl with 'tude.


There is a certain demographic where the ability to lie on one’s back and urinate on command is very … sought after.


This explains fall of Trilobites.

They were just not sexy.


Yeah, you usually have to pay extra for that.

Speak for yourself!


Yes! Came here to say the same. The only thing that soothes the pain is knowing that she’s out there killing it at fivethirtyeight.