Panel clip pliers saved me from a lot of frustration

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HPC makes an L-shaped 1-piece clip and window crank removal tool, the AST-3. I’ve had one for almost 40 years. Whatever clip tool you use, it’s much better and safer than a screwdriver.

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I was changing a headlight in my Mazda 5 when I saw something red below the socket. I pulled out a Matco panel clip pliers. Had to be in there at least 3 years as that’s how long I owned it at that point. I was rather excited as that was a tool I hadn’t bothered acquiring previously.


My Hazard Fraught set has been treating me well for many years, and for $2 less than the Amazon set to boot.


I know boingboing has to shill this stuff to pay the bills, but those very same pliers are available on Amazon for $10.99 (search “panel clip pliers”). And if you don’t do this sort of thing often, one of those screwdriver-with-a-forked-end tools will probably do the job for half of that.

I remember when BoingBoing wasn’t trying to be a rebirth of Sharper Image.

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I have always been able to remove door interior panels and dashboards with my hands only. Damage seems to occur while reinstalling not removing.

I have never needed a screwdriver so I guess I don’t need this, unless I am missing something.

A weed digger!

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