Paralympian archer with no arms demonstrates technique

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It is pretty amazing what some people with out limbs can do.

I already mentioned a partially armless guy who shoots 3 gun (he has like 30% of his arms), but years ago I found a video of a guy shooting a pistol with his feet. And able to load it and worth the action etc.

ETA - and while this lady has arms, she is using her feet to shoot on AMGT.

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I can see how he’s drawing the bow. But what I’m not seeing is how he’s releasing the arrow/string. Is it just when it gets to a certain tension? Or is he doing something to release it?

Oh wait, I see it now. He’s pushing with his chin.

I love this, on his truck: “Matt Stutzman – A foot above the competition”


My #1 draw from that (no pun intended… well, maybe now that I’ve thought about it) is: parenting, you’re doing it right.

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I’ve met this guy in person. He came and did a sort of motivational talk for military vets of the company I work for. He’s freaking hilarious, incredibly confident, and just a fun to talk to. Pretty amazing dude.


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