Paramount Decree has been overturned by a federal judge. Movie studios salivate over theaters they want to buy


Well, of course… 2020 y’all.


“The Court finds that it is unlikely that the remaining Defendants would collude to once again limit their film distribution to a select group of theaters in the absence of the Decrees and, finds, therefore, that termination is in the public interest”

Well that seems perfectly reasonable. It is unlikely, therefore it will not happen and no protections are necessary.

It’s unlikely that I will die in a car accident on any given day, therefore I should remove the seatbelts from my car.


I don’t know if I understand correctly or not.

Let studios buy indoor contagion hotspots er I mean cineplexes. Let-em sell tickets with plague liability waivers. Let the suicidal attend showings. Quarantine follows, right? I foresee two-week film festivals, no exit. Don’t forget nightly drawings for free hospitalization.

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A brief introduction to US anti-monopoly laws:
Before the reagan administration, so-called “vertical integration” was illegal. That is, if you made tools you weren’t allowed to own hardware stores. The paramount decree was what solidified that: before the decree most movie theaters were owned by the movie production companies. Your Paramounts, your MGMs, etc. The decree was that they could either distribute movies or own movie theaters, not both. Since the Reagan administration however, the rule has changed. Monopolistic behavior and even having a monopoly is not a reason for an antitrust investigation, you have to prove that their monopoly is increasing prices.

The upshot is that you can expect Disney to buy AMC within a few years and use them to only show AMC films. It was struck down rather than doing the obvious thing and applying this doctrine to the bunch of streaming services which are currently cropping up owned by the movie/tv distributors.


One day, the plague will end, and we will be able to live like it was before if we want.
This overturn, and also some other environmental protections, seems irrelevant now that there is a bigger problem, but the damage they cause is permanent, and i a few years we will be even more angry that it was done in a time when there was not possible to counter.

Movie companies already abuse their position to impose unfair terms to the movie theaters, specially disney, and i bet it will get worse when they start buying the theaters.
On the other hand, it seems that it will only accelerate the death of the cinema, because now there are more alternatives than before.
But, it is still a big loss for everyone.


Yeah, I think I would wait til at least through next spring to decide if I want to buy a bunch of unprofitable covid incubators. What happens in the coming months could change people’s crowding-it-up-in-public habits for many years to come.

Granted, there’s that old saying about rats buying the sinking ship, or something…

AFAIK nobody is forced to patronize theatres, streaming channels, any of that. We boycott all Disney products because they’ve destroyed the US public domain. We also skip Nestle, BASF, Facebook, GM, and whatever other malefactors we know of. We can all vote with our dollars / euros / yen / pesos.

I completely agree.
But, in this case what might happen is that you won’t even be able to patronize them, because you decided to boycott the big players who bought them all.

Who are we?
I completely disagree with that, because it is not an individual problem, but a structural one, and i don’t believe that the individual actions will be enough to to make the changes necessary.
And, it also seems like a defeatism strategy that just abandon everything that is not pure enough.

Unfortunately, i don’t hold any of those currencies, that probably i cannot vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

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