Parasitic Souls: what if there was a tech bubble, but for magic?

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[Editor’s note: Kater Cheek was one of my Clarion 2007 students, and has been vigorously writing and publishing ever since. She has graciously offered us the opportunity to publish the opening chapter of Parasitic Souls, her latest novel -Cory]

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Now I know this might be a crazy idea, but what if BB had a set format for the blog. Say a picture with between 50-250 words per posts…

I guess this post makes up for all the “why do we need a jump” ones…

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  • Pedantry warning *

Shouldn’t it be, “what if there were a tech bubble?” Subjunctive, yo.

I do not understand the distinction. How people do/don’t define “magic” on the BBS has always been something of a semantic bugbear.

If we define magic as mostly the technology of how people use symbolism to interface with the objective world, then bubbles such as web development and real estate are precisely magic. It is not internet or houses themselves which diminished in any way, but rather the ways in which people symbolically manipulated the perceived values of these things became unsustainable.

Oooh. I like fantasy novels with unique twists to the magic systems. I’ll have to give this a read!

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