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Omg one of my favorite books and one of my favorite films and not to go too OT but I find every remake and contemporary cinematic reference to either offensive to the og.



Ah, the first stirrings of the Green Man…


The book is far superior to all the filmed versions. For one thing, there’s none of the horrid sexism which permeates the first film. I still enjoyed that one, but I roll my eyes at the sexism so often I worry they’ll fall out.

I tried watching the '99 remake with Liam Neeson, but quickly gave up. Awful, despite his presence.

My BF & I did V much enjoy the netflix series, with Timothy Hutton et al. He recently re-watched it, and noticed lotsa cool details we’d missed - “That statue was facing the other way a minute ago!” ferinstance. It makes a huge departure from the other films, and only quotes from the book a few times, but it’s a great, bizarre, creepy AF story.

The pounding’s gonna start!

~ my mom, who’d insisted we watch The Haunting '63 together after finding out I’d never seen it

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