FacesPics: my new favorite twitter feed


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My favorite game while taking a shower or using the toilet is looking at the bathroom tiles for random patterns and trying to imagine what it could be. It’s usually faces, but sometimes i get unexpectedly cool things like dragons, angry monkey faces, monsters, etc. I usually have trouble seeing the patterns again later on unless it’s very obvious so it’s a game that never ends.

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Don’t forget http://www.reddit.com/r/Pareidolia

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Oh! I have one!

took this at my old job:


What people call “face” is only a fancy name for the front area of the head. I tend to favor the more pragmatic term “sensor array”.

I’ve done this quite a bit! Often I’ve thought “That image is so obvious I’ll find it again easily.” but it never seems to be the case.

Ok, I am so ready to chop Jesus’ face in half with the miter saw.

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